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National Center for High-performance Computing (NCHC) plays a leading role in Taiwan’s cloud technology services by integrating high performance computing (HPC), storage, and networking to provide several solutions for scientific and engineering simulation. The Advanced Large-scale Parallel Super cluster (ALPS), is a supercomputer built in May, 2011, that offers an aggregate performance of over 177 TFLOPS. This hardware/software combination creates a HPC platform that is easy to access and develop user applications over. On the other hand, Braavos is the first public big data platform in Taiwan, which includes 36 computing node and 432 cores. The network infrastructure adopt high speed network architecture, which can afford huge amount of east and west data traffic. Braavos is based on Hadoop YARN, which support multi-tenancy scenario. Multiple users can submit their own job and without interference. The NCHC also provides its expertise in cluster computing and parallel processing for research groups via training courses and direct consultation.

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National Center for High-Performance Computing

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