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Neunn Technology Incorporation (aka NEUNN), is a hi-tech Incorporation jointly funded by the Northeastern University (aka NEU), city government of Shenyang and strategic investment, with the registered capital of 120 million RMB. NEUNN is focusing on creating values for both government and enterprises, and engaging to realize the smart life in big-data era by business operation of modern enterprise system.

Based on big-data era, NEUNN provides the variety of data & infrastructure services to governmental affairs, public common and business use, which includes high performance computing, cloud computing, spatial information (application of satellite remote sensing data), mobile Internet, also as know as IT infrastructure services etc. NEUNN will act as a leader and practitioner in Smart Life construction.

NEUNN High Performance Computing Center is in the leading position of Data Processing Industry, with more than 1170 Trillion FLOPS processing ability, which is the best HPC Platform in Northeast of China.

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Date Listed: March 03, 2017

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Neunn Technology Co. Ltd

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