STAR Registrant NewBase Computer Services Pty Ltd

NewBase was established in Queensland Australia in 1992 with a specific focus: ‘Technology for Business Solutions’. Our philosophy leads us to work towards ensuring strong customer relationships by providing exceptional client service and support by means of: employing only the highest calibre staff, focusing on only “best of breed” products and supporting an internal structure flexible enough to ensure our ability to continually meet the ever changing requirements of rapid technological and market place changes inherent within the IT industry.

NewBase focus’s on the provision of IT solutions, has required that the company develop and maintain considerable technical expertise. Such resources give NewBase the ability to customise and provide leading edge solutions with a level of proficiency, which ensures a total solution for the customers we serve.

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Date Listed: February 24, 2014
Last Modified: July 30, 2014.

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Service supports enterprise identity.

Service supports file sharing.

Service supports a mobile app.

Service performs penetration testing.

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NewBase Computer Services Pty Ltd

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