STAR Registrant OneLogin, Inc.

OneLogin, Inc. enables enterprises to realize today’s “identity first” imperative – the ability to have identity policy executed against all applications inside and outside the firewall, for all internal and external users, across all of their devices. The OneLogin Enterprise Identity Management solution provides a platform for managing user identities in the cloud and behind the firewall, and comes complete with secure single sign-on across desktops, Web and mobile devices, federated search, user provisioning with entitlements, real-time bi-directional synchronization of users and entitlements across all directories, multi-factor authentication, VPN integration, and compliance reporting.

OneLogin is geared towards supporting Web architected applications, supports thick client apps, and performs password vaulting for login credentials. Additionally, OneLogin supports desktop applications through Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) bindings that can be used as a transport for Security Assertions Markup Language (SAML) tokens to identify users. OneLogin also supports the Remote Authentication Dial In User Service (RADIUS) protocol which can be used for applications and appliances configured to authenticate against a RADIUS server.

OneLogin, Inc.

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Date Listed: August 13, 2014
Last Modified: February 06, 2017.

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OneLogin, Inc.

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