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RedShield is the world’s first and only web application shielding-with-a-service cybersecurity company. The RedShield shielding-with-a-service offering combines superior web application shielding software with industry-leading cybersecurity services. Powerful vulnerability intelligence, exploitation research and a prolific database of known exploits ensure the right shields are deployed quickly minimizing application downtime and costly remediation delays.
RedShield’s service targets mitigation of 100% of known vulnerabilities in web applications.

* Find & resolve OWASP Top 10 issues
* Find & resolve complex security issues
* Comply with PCI-DSS requirements
* Handle large scale DDoS attacks
* Succeed where other WAF solutions fail
* Simple setup for fast protection
* High performance scanning & shielding
* 24/7 security operations & support

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Date Listed: June 26, 2017

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