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Resolver Protects What Matters™. Over 1,000 of the world’s largest organizations use our cloud software to protect their employees, customers, supply chain, brand and shareholders.

Resolver’s Integrated Risk Management platform helps plan and prepare your organization to limit the likeliness or impact of events from occurring; this includes Risk Assessment, Enterprise Risk Management, Internal Control, Internal Audit and Compliance. We also support the response and recovery process when an event does occur; including Incident Reporting, Incident Response and Investigations. Resolver’s team is comprised of security, risk and compliance experts supporting customers across 100 countries with offices in North America, United Kingdom and the Middle East.

The security and privacy of your data is extremely important to both of us. Resolver works with some of the most security-sensitive organizations in the world, meaning it’s imperative we provide highly secure software and web applications to our customers.

Resolver’s CORE software provides enterprise-level security and privacy through a comprehensive program that meets the requirements of AICPA SOC 2 Trust Service Principles. Our cloud infrastructure is housed in Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers in the US, Canada and Europe.

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Date Listed: September 01, 2017
Last Modified: October 16, 2017.

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