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Superb Internet Corporation has more than 20 years of solid track record and experience (circa 1996) operating multiple carrier-neutral data centers covering both coasts of the US and its coast-to-coast IP backbone. We provide a full range of colocation services, mission critical grade, 100% uptime IP transit, managed infrastructure services, cloud computing services (Infrastructure-as-a-Service), dedicated servers, shared hosting, domain registration, and a global content delivery network, thus improving the reliability, performance, security, and speed of our customers’ Internet infrastructure.

Our enterprise & governmental colocation customers locate their equipment, running business-critical applications, in our highly compliant and rigorously audited data centers, and, optionally, connect to our 100% uptime, packet loss-free coast-to-coast IP backbone, which, thanks to our extensive global peering, reaches most Internet routes directly and completely transit free. Our wide range of cloud hosting customers buy cloud infrastructure (public, private or hybrid) in resource pools and allocate the said resources to any number and configuration of Virtual Machines as needed, being able to instantly deploy new VMs, and delete, copy, clone, back-up and modify existing VMs. Our large and global dedicated server customer base rents or lease-to-owns (and subsequently colocates) anywhere from one to several hundred servers per customer, using the dedicated hardware for a very wide scale of uses (content hosting, web hosting, Unified Communications / VoIP services, legal documents analysis, financial trading, running apps for SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) provisioning, private clouds, storage, various public services, and so on).

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Date Listed: February 03, 2016

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Superb Internet Corporation

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