STAR Registry: Security on the Cloud Verified

CSA STAR Registry Complaint

File a complaint to bring to the attention of the Cloud Security Alliance:

  • an infringement of the CSA Code of Ethics
  • a violation of the certification schemes of STAR Certification and/ or STAR Attestation and/or C-STAR and/or GDPR Code of Conduct Certification
  • a false or misleading statement in the CSA STAR Self-Assessment and/or GDPR Code of Conduct Self-Assessment
  • a misleading marketing statement done by an organization concerning their presence in the STAR Registry
  • any other inappropriate action or statement done by an organization with regard to their presence in the STAR Registry

By submitting this compliant you agree to be contacted by CSA in order to acquire additional details to assess the compliant.

CSA will contact you within 10 working days from the reception of this complaint.

File a Complaint

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