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Cloud Services by AiDash

AiDash O&M SaaS Product(s)

AiDash's AI-First SaaS product(s) enable satellite powered operations and maintenance for utility, energy, mining, construction, transportation, cities, water & wastewater and other core industries with geographically distributed assets.

The product(s) are powered by AiDash Platform which is AiDash's proprietary satellite analytics platform. The product(s) help core industries in their Operations & maintenance use cases like Vegetation Management, Encroachment Management, Remote Inspection & Survey, Disaster & Disruptions Management, Land Surveys for biodiversity and ecological assessment etc.

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About AiDash

AiDash is an AI-First vertical SaaS company enabling satellite-powered operations and maintenance in core industries with distributed assets.

We use high-resolution, multispectral imagery and SAR data from the world’s leading satellite constellations for our proprietary AI models which facilitate timely predictions for efficient operational and maintenance activities. Our application also enables industries to plan and prioritize the completion and audit of O&M activities effectively.