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Flumind is a company learning management system that supports the natural growth of your company. Through automation, it helps you manage processes in an orderly, intelligent and fluid way. Without wasting time, without wasting energy.

With Flumind your team's skills expand, minds move.
Everything flows in the right direction: that of growth.

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About Alloy Srl

Alloy Srl is a leading digital HR solution provider for corporations, governments and educational institutes.

Headquartered in Italy, with over 15 years of experience, we have successfully completed a lot of projects in digital HR field.

Our comprehensive solutions, which include Learning Management System (LMS), Performance Management, Skills Assessment, Development Environments e digital HR consulting service.

Our Flumind SaaS LMS complies with international e-learning standards and supports multiple languages. Born to be integrated with other platforms, with thousands of users all over the world, its strengths are simplicity of use and automation.