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Qsome helps you to automate your desktop, web and mobile app testing in the cloud so that:

You don't have to hire another tester to ship bug-free apps.
Your testing can be completed in mere hours, rather than days.
Your teams can make data-driven decisions using objective test metrics rather than subjective hunches.
You never have those anxious, stressful moments after shipping a release, because there wasn't enough time to test everything.
Your customers transform into raving fans because you're no longer using them as your testing team.

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About Audacix

We save software teams from having to suffer “oh s**t Monday’s” (OSM). OSMs are those days where a new software version goes live, and you know something is going to go wrong, but you don’t know what, when or where.

You may literally be losing sleep because of this uncertainty.

We help you get your peace of mind back by building quality throughout your application development and delivery processes using enhanced automated software testing and omnipresent cloud security.

Our efforts with software QA have helped one of our customers reduce testing time from 4 weeks to 2 days and they’ve released new revenue-generating features to waiting customers on time, every month for the last 3 years. Our customers also see an average reduction in bugs in production of 72%.

Our cloud security work ensures that not only will your clients’ commercially sensitive data kept safe, but also that your livelihood and your team’s careers will be protected, beyond point-in-time penetration testing.

Such results require us to effectively utilise great technology, best-practice processes and smart people.

Our solution is the difference between happy end-users or unending sleepless nights and unhappy workdays.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, should we talk?