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The AuditBoard platform is composed of six individual products. These products are tightly integrated, but they may be purchased separately and implemented independently. The Audit Management Solution includes SOXHUB for SOX compliance and OpsAudit for internal audit management. The Compliance product helps manage IT risk and regulatory compliance. RiskOversight is an integrated risk management solution. WorkStream facilitates workflow and task management, and AuditBoard Intelligence is our business intelligence product.

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About AuditBoard

AuditBoard is the leading cloud-based platform transforming how enterprises manage risk. AuditBoard's clients range from prominent pre-IPO to Fortune 50 companies looking to modernize, simplify, and elevate their audit, risk, and compliance functions. AuditBoard is the top-rated audit management software on Gartner Peer Insights and G2, and was recently ranked as the third fastest-growing technology company in North America by Deloitte.