Bright Lab S.A.L.

Registered since: March 28, 2019

Bright Lab S.A.L.

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Bright Lab S.A.L.

From conceptualization to execution, we break the routine and engage in creative and disruptive tech solutions that put your brand under the spotlight, appealing to your customers and attracting them to come closer.

We believe in the power of experimentation, especially when it’s combined with creative thinking to conceive unprecedented interactive experiences.

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Active as of: March 28, 2019
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About Bright Lab S.A.L.

Bright Lab, a tech company established in early 2016 as part of Flag M Group, aims to provide creative and innovative solutions for your brand.

We are trend setters in the digital and tech world, and we aim to make your brand a trend setter too by offering you and your clients unique and technologically advanced experiences.