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Contract documents define the relationships between suppliers and customers with financial, business, and legal terms. Proper visibility, control, and analysis are critical to effective corporate governance and overall management best practices. Conga Contracts offers an enterprise-grade contract lifecycle management solution that empowers companies to enforce contract language, mitigate risk and develop policies.

Our cloud-based software makes drafting, negotiation, workflow and approvals, reporting and renewal management easy. Developed with the help of our User Advisory Council, Conga Contracts takes into account the business challenges that complicate the contract lifecycle for companies like Sony and HD Supply - just to name a few. Our customer-centric dashboard provides a real-time, personalized display of data and statistics while our rapid implementation ensures your contracts are on track quickly.

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Conga Salesforce Composite Applications: Contracts for Salesforce, Composer, and Sign

Conga Contracts for Salesforce® is a contract lifecycle management application on the Salesforce AppExchange that helps manage, negotiate, and administer contractual agreements. Documents can be created either through an existing Conga Composer account or through Salesforce CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote).

Conga Sign is a modern eSignature application on the Salesforce AppExchange built specifically to leverage your existing Salesforce data and processes.

Conga Composer is an enterprise Salesforce application that automates manual document generation processes to make your Salesforce users more efficient. Conga Composer fills multiple document generation needs throughout the customer lifecycle – quotes, proposals, contracts, invoices, account plans and more.

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Since 2006, Conga has been the go-to application provider for Salesforce® users who want to optimize their CRM investment and accelerate their sales cycle. The AI-Empowered Conga Digital Transformation Suite of products automates and optimizes document and contract processes, simplifying user experiences and increasing productivity.

As a Salesforce Platinum Partner with industry-recognized products and support, Conga has rapidly built a base of more than 650,000 users, in 85+ countries, across all industries. 10,500+ global customers, including 41% of the Fortune 100, trust and rely on Conga daily to manage and simplify critical business processes, including leading companies like Hilton Worldwide, Sony, Expedia, Schumacher Group, and CBRE.