Detecon Al Saudia Company Ltd.

Registered since: July 12, 2017

Detecon Al Saudia Company Ltd.

Cloud Services by Detecon Al Saudia Company Ltd.

SAHABA - Secure Enterprise Cloud

The SAHABA “Secure Enterprise Cloud” delivers Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) comprising provision, operations, monitoring, managing, and support of cloud computing environments.

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Active as of: July 12, 2017
Consensus Assessments Initiative Questionnaire v3.0.1
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Active as of: November 24, 2017
STAR Certification v1

About Detecon Al Saudia Company Ltd.

“Detecon Al Saudia (Detasad) stands for more than 30-years of successful Saudi-German cooperation and underlines our solid commitment towards long-term telecommunication operations including trusted delivery of country-wide managed ICT Services as well as implementing modern state of the art communication infrastructure.”

Detecon Al Saudia is a joint venture between Saudi FAL and German Detecon International, which started business operations 1982 – 30 years ago, in Riyadh. Being a member of Deutsche Telekom Group, Detasad’s primary business focus is providing managed telecommunication and IT infrastructure services. This includes a full-fledged operation and maintenance service portfolio for fiber optical, copper, microwave, satellite and GSM networks.