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EDC Corporation - AIMS Parking

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AIMS Hosting

AIMS and AIMS Web software hosted remotely by EDC Corporation provides clients with all the functionality and features as found with an on-site installation. IT and Support services, updates, backups, firewalls, security, redundancy, and equipment are all provided by EDC Corporation. Clients are responsible for only the workstation and Internet connection.

With an AIMS Hosted solution, your parking management system is safe, secure, and PCI compliant. EDC Corporation's reliable support staff will manage your application server, database server, and web server so you don’t have to. We offer triple redundancy, real-time backups, and security you can count on.

AIMS Hosting Solution Advantages:
Database, Application and Web Server Hosting,
Software updates, database patches, and any web enhancements are performed by EDC Corporation
Reduce Server Expenses, Reduce Internal IT Expenses and Time, PCI DSS v 3.1 Validated Level 1 Service Provider

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EDC Corporation - AIMS Parking

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About EDC Corporation - AIMS Parking

AIMS Parking Management Software facilitates complete parking ticket and permit management. AIMS and our handheld Ticketers streamline Parking Enforcement, Permit Issuance and Tracking, and Boot/Tow Management. Comprehensive functionality for Ticket and Permit processing comes standard with our products. AIMS links your parker's tickets, permits, vehicles, and tows to a single record, expediting customer service and increasing revenue.