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Health Intelligence Platform

Health Intelligence Platform is a revolutionary platform in evidence-based patient care and athlete management.

Athletes produce troves of data daily. However, when it comes to improving their health and performance, realizing the potential within that data remains lost and fragmented at best. This has been a big problem that has impacted medicine for years and the time for a new standard in healthcare is now.

Empericus’ patent pending technology securely collects, organizes and visualizes all types of health, medical and performance related data in a ground-breaking way. This will impact the overall health of many and why we can say we are changing the way healthcare is delivered. Actionable insights improved individualized care and realized potential is the new standard we are creating. We’re creating Critical intelligence provided in the moments that matter the most to make the best care decisions.

Out Platform is built on top of Microsoft Azure, provides the ability for an athlete or a patient to have a longitudinal view about their Medical Records, Health & Wellness Records and Performance & Training Records. Furthermore, provides a unique, patent pending, configurable algorithm using Microsoft Azure AI capabilities which allows the generation of a Readiness Index for Training or Competition aligned with the customer specific requirements and weights.

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About Empericus LLC

Empericus is a team of passionate healthcare professionals dedicated to leading a transformational change in Sports and Exercise Medicine.

We believe in constantly pursuing the latest breakthroughs in health, wellness and performance. We believe in maximizing the power of technological advances in artificial intelligence, clinical science, patient wellness, and genomics. And we believe that when given the quality care they deserve, people will live longer, healthier years extending not only their lives, but their purpose and success. By empowering individuals and encouraging collaboration among health care providers, everyone has the opportunity to realize their full potential.

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