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GE Digital, LLC

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Predix Platform and all Applications (APM, OPM, MES, Historian and Manufacturing)

Digital transformation for industries such as power, oil and gas, aviation and transportation is about extracting additional value from a company’s operations. By harnessing data from physical assets and plants, an organization can derive operational benefits and increased team collaboration, leading to process improvements, cost savings, product enhancements and new data-rich, digital services. The Predix Platform is built around an asset-centric digital twin, creating actionable insights from asset data and analytics and providing a comprehensive edge-to-cloud architecture that optimizes workloads across varying operating infrastructure. The platform is the result of GE’s billion+ dollar investment in its own digital transformation and equips industrial organizations with everything they need to rapidly build, securely deploy, and effectively run IIoT applications from edge to cloud, turning asset data into actionable insights.

Type: Certification
Active as of: September 11, 2019
STAR Certification v1

About GE Digital, LLC

GE Digital, LLC (“GE Digital”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the General Electric Company. GE Digital currently employs over 1,200 professionals at the San Ramon, California, headquarters and across the globe (Foxboro, Massachusetts; Roanoke, Virginia; Schenectady, New York; Hyderabad, India; and Bangalore, India. GE Digital was officially incorporated as a separate legal entity in January of 2016, after being established as GE Software in September 2015. GE Digital serves as a consolidation of General Electric’s digital capabilities as it relates to their industrial product offerings. GE Digital offers software solutions and services intended to help businesses build innovative capabilities to improve profitability and performance. GE Digital has established strategic partnerships with Fortune 500 information technology service providers to support their product offerings.