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Gensuite, LLC

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Gensuite, LLC

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About Gensuite, LLC

Gensuite, in support of a growing subscriber and partner base, is at the forefront of EHS, sustainability, security and cross-functional, cloud-based IT innovations. What does that mean for you? More cutting-edge solutions, from artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and the Internet of Things (IoT) to mobile and wearables.

Following nearly 20 years of product innovation and collaboration, Gensuite currently offers over 70 award-winning applications – all intuitive, mobile-friendly, and enabling functional excellence in environmental, health & safety (EHS), sustainability, quality, security, product stewardship, and responsible sourcing.

All of this is supported by a global team of 250+ members serving a subscriber group of 135 companies today (grown 12X over the last 6 years); and a network of alliance partners. Gensuite partners with content and consulting organizations worldwide to deliver extraordinary value to our subscribers. With that you can always count on extensive deployment and support experience, deep domain expertise, and an unwavering commitment to product and service excellence.