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Sakon application supports the full lifecycle needs of telecom management. Our suite of applications integrates actual telecom platforms and processes – not just the data generated by all the activity. These applications orchestrate hundreds of telecom management tasks and all the related data in order to keep your telecom department running smoothly and efficiently.

The Sakon application platform is a single, cloud-based solution that readily supports your goals of being more agile and efficient in your telecom management. It’s made up of the following applications, which integrate with your organization’s systems and data to manage your telecommunications assets, services, and costs:

Mobility: Manage your mobile assets, services and costs, policy compliance, MDM, and other key mobile information, all through a single, unified view.

Telecom Expense Management: Maximize your telecom budget with the help of this application’s continuous expense analysis, alerts, and recommendations.

Marketplace: Reduce red tape by giving your users the ability to order devices, plans, and accessories through an online catalog that offers choices appropriate to their department, role, and level.

Self-Service: Free up your IT department and let employees use an online portal to perform routine telecom tasks, such as joining a BYOD program, agreeing to the corporate mobile policy, and activating roaming, all while maintaining control of your fleet of devices.

Business Intelligence: Get the “big picture” through views and reports that let you see your organization’s telecommunications from the very highest level to the most granular detail.

Service Desk: Keep downtime to a minimum with a system that seamlessly integrates various help desks and provides analytics to help ensure that users are getting their problems resolved. Our applications can tie in with a number of enterprise systems and applications.