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Award-winning and trusted by more than 100 organizations across the globe, Curatr gives you the tools to build and deliver engaging online courses that get people talking.

Our approach is rooted in Social Learning. Curatr uses the best of the content you already own to help trigger conversations, encouraging learners to add back their own content using live video capture and rich text chat as part of the learning process.

Clients who use Curatr report stunning results, high engagement and huge cost savings. Delivered Software-as-a-Service to any device, you can start using Curatr today.

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Learning Locker

Learning Locker is your source of record for learning data. Use Learning Locker to connect systems together, to prove the impact of training and to make more informed decisions on your future learning design.

Learning Locker comes ready to accept data in the xAPI format. With your data flowing, Learning Locker allows you to create customisable dashboards using a WYSIWYG interface. Learning Analytics has never been this easy.

Type: Self Assessment
Active as of: May 29, 2018
Consensus Assessments Initiative Questionnaire v3.0.1
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NEXT GENERATION LEARNING SOLUTIONS targeted towards three core requirements that our research tells us is vital to making effecting learning experiences; making learning more personal, more social and more measurable.