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Instana, Inc.

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It takes about 5 minutes to start monitoring your applications with Instana. Installation, configuration, monitoring, and data analysis are all automated, making it fast and easy to get actionable information about your application services.

Regardless of whether your services run in public cloud, private cloud, traditional data centers, or any combination thereof, Instana continuously monitors all of your services and automatically alerts you to any service quality issues. Your developers, DevOps engineers, application support, SREs, and other team members will all use Instana to improve the quality of your applications and ensure the best possible user experience.

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About Instana, Inc.

Instana is the leading application performance monitoring (APM) service for modern cloud, container, and microservices applications. Instana automatically discovers and monitors your infrastructure and application components, and makes sense of the data to automatically detect performance problems and determine the root cause.

Instana monitors every component of your application stack and many of the services offered by the major cloud computing providers. All metrics are collected in 1 second granularity and every request is traced end-to-end. Instana is available as a SaaS platform or an on-prem installation. Using Instana, you will detect application problems immediately and have all of the data required to determine the root cause of every issue.