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The Enterprise Visual Management Platform

One solution to deploy all Visual Management across your organization.

Immersive natural user experience

iObeya mimics the experience of paper-based Visual Management for immediate adoption and a seamless transition to digital. Easy to configure and use, the solution digitizes visual boards and tools, removing paper limitations while safeguarding human interactions, offering a unique collaborative experience for all your teams’ meeting rituals.
* Simple to use with an attractive design
* Paper-like tools and realistic interactions
* Optimized for large-format touch screens

Team-based by design

iObeya is organized around secure, virtual rooms dedicated to teams and equipped for all Visual Management practices. All team members, whether in the office or working remotely, can access their virtual rooms 24/7 to collaborate visually in real-time or asynchronously.
* Persistent virtual rooms for teams
* Real-time collaboration with live feedback
* Accessible from anywhere and any device

One platform for Lean, Agile and more

iObeya adapts to all Visual Management practices, with unlimited customization and integration capabilities. Whether for Lean Product Development, the Scaled Agile FrameworkⓇ, Operational Performance Management or simply for on-the-fly brainstorming, iObeya provides a single platform to address them all.

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About iObeya

iObeya Digital Visual Management offers a unique, real-time collaborative experience for multi-site teams.