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KEISDATA offers the innovative software platform KRC®, multi-language and multi-culture, which revolutionizes the way of managing and assessing business risks, taking advantage of the skills of the various representatives of the company, facilitating group work and helping to share knowledge until at the decisional stages.
KRC® is an integrated web-based management system in which the processes of the thematic areas of the sustainability path, the ERM applied to all types of Risk, the Organizational Model and other specific sector standards have been engineered.
It is a modular application where each module exploits the information already available in the system possibly carried by other modules avoiding duplication. Some of the most relevant modules are:
- Integrated Risk Management and Enterprise Risk management (ISO 31000:2018)
- Health and Safety (ISO 45001:2018)
- Quality (ISO 9001:2015)
- Privacy/GDPR (UE 679/2016)
- Facility Management (ISO 41001:2018)
- Environmental Social Governance
- Corporate Social Responsibility (SA 8000:2014)
- … many others

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About KEISDATA s.r.l.

KEISDATA is an IT services and innovative SME company, focused on the development of software for the management of business risks, compliance and knowledge engineering. Areas that today represent one of the frontiers of innovation according to the studies of the Gartner Group.
KEISDATA has developed an IT platform called KRC® - Solution, certified by Certiquality as a highly innovative product.
KRC® has already been chosen, in turn, by leading Italian companies and foreign multinationals and is recognized on the market as the best solution for risk management. Accredited by a research carried out by the Milan Polytechnic as the most complete and innovative Risk Management solution.