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Registered since: October 05, 2020

L3C Limited

Cloud Services by L3C Limited

L3C AIX / Unix Cloud

Our AIX and Unix cloud service supports critical environments as well as dev/test workloads. We provide a fully inclusive price per LPAR model and custom SLAs to support the uniqueness of our clients.

We provide service in either dedicated or shared environments with all data in the UK. We support business critical infrastructures as well as large development environments and can provide System Admin and Oracle DBA to complement skill shortages in these areas.

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Active as of: October 05, 2020
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About L3C Limited

L3C are a UK cloud and hosting provider specialising in Unix workloads (AIX, Solaris and HPUX).

We provide consumption based models on price per LPAR/LDOM basis from our Tier 3 UK data centres. We connect into the major public cloud providers so you can bring non-x86 workloads into your digital strategy.

If you prefer to retain elements of your infrastructure on premise we can provide remote system admin and Oracle DBAdmin to complement skill shortages.

We also provide a GPU based cloud environment optimised for image and large model processing.

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