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Servizio denominato "OpenWhistleblowing" per la segnalazione di condotte illecite nel rispetto dei Decreti Legislativi 179/2017 e
231/2001, che oltre a garantire la compliance della normativa, rispetta in modo nativo le linee guida dell'Autorità Nazionale
Anticorruzione (ANAC). Il servizio è erogato attraverso la piattaforma OpenWhistleblowing sviluppata per ANAC ed applicabile a
qualsiasi Pubblica Amministrazione o Ente.

Type: Self Assessment
Active as of: August 21, 2020
Consensus Assessments Initiative Questionnaire v3.0.1

About Laser Romae Srl

Laser Romae, established in 2013, is an Information and
Communication Technology (ICT) company, that offers cutting
edge services and solutions in all the information technology
domain, working with customers from the analysis and design,to the delivery of the project. Laser Romae has a staff made by professionals, mostly young, constantly trained on new technologies, the most used engineering tools and the software development and system
management products, which allow us to respond quickly to the
different needs of the customers, giving a great deal of fexibility
and productivity.

Laser Romae has designed and implemented the
Whistleblowing platform (also known as Open Whistleblowing)
of the National Anticorruption Agency..
The platform follows the 190/2012 and 179/2017 acts, which
introduced mandatory provisions to protect whistleblowers.
Those acts aim at increasing the number of whistleblowers
reports, by using a safe IT platform, thus allowing all the private
and public entities to go towards a transparency and lawful
Laser Romae offers consultancy services for the adoption of a
Whistleblowing platform,