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Mir-Chatbot is a bot that allows quick access to company BI information. Allows you to make several queries (from
define with the customer) and return textual, graphic and possibly PDF report information.
The main functionality of the bot is to respond immediately and simply to a generic question, providing a
consistent and precise response for the user. The areas of application are various: management of simple complaints, instructions on bureaucratic processes, etc.
The objective of the Mir-Chatbot service is to provide the customers with a tool that can not only support it in the organization and in the
management of internal processes, but also to improve and streamline large amounts of data, to obtain feedback aimed at the needs.

Type: Self Assessment
Active as of: August 31, 2020
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About Miriade Srl

Miriade is a Venetian computer consulting company committed to cultivating the culture of
We take care of middleware, cloud and machine learning.
We are a group of digital natives: we have fun playing in a fast moving world and changing the rules of the game when it is time to open up to new things.
Deeply convinced of the value of beauty, we offer services that are nourished in the interaction and in the constant support to the community and the territory that host us.