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Vaultastic is a true SaaS on the Cloud to protect Business email, simplify email management and deliver fast search and discovery tools, and can archive email from Microsoft Office365, Google GSuite, Zimbra, Mdaemon, MailEnable, CPanel, Microsoft Exchange, Salesforce, and more.

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About Mithi Software Technologies pvt ltd

Mithi, an award-winning software product company and maker of products such as Vaultastic, SkyConnect, ClrStream, ConnectXf etc. , distinguishing itself as a provider of Cloud Email, Collaboration, Security and Archiving products that help substantially lower costs & improve productivity.

Its software has been powering organisations of all sizes and spread across many enterprise segments such as healthcare, R&D establishments, financial services, education, government, BPOs, software, defence, manufacturing, banks, NGOs, Agro-industries, logistics, media, Internet Service Providers, infrastructure, retail, energy & power, transportation etc.