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Registered since: June 29, 2018

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Quickcharge cashless payment software enables employees to use their existing ID badges to make cash-free purchases at onsite facilities, such as cafeterias, pharmacies, company stores, vending machines, coffee shops and gift shops. Quickcharge integrates easily with Kronos and many other time and attendance and payroll systems. It also helps reduce administrative and overhead costs, increase revenue and foster employee satisfaction for a true win-win solution.

Type: Self Assessment
Active as of: June 29, 2018
Cloud Controls Matrix v3.0.1
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About MM Hayes

Founded in 1971 and headquartered in Albany, New York, MM Hayes is a software company focused on improving life at work. As a Kronos partner for more than 30 years, MM Hayes provides expert service and support for the entire Kronos product line. Kronos offers a complete set of workforce management solutions including time and attendance, payroll and HR, absence management, scheduling and more. MM Hayes also develops, installs, and supports exclusive software solutions designed to integrate seamlessly with Kronos and other workforce management software. These solutions help organizations improve efficiency and boost employee satisfaction by creating a one-badge solution – utilizing a single employee ID badge for multiple applications including identification, time and attendance, access control, and cashless payment.