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NextLabs, Inc.

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NextLabs CloudAz is the industry's first Cloud Authorization Service providing Dynamic Authorization and Attribute Based Access Control in the cloud. NextLabs CloudAz allows you to centrally view and control who can access your applications under what circumstances. This includes what parts of an application users can access, the business transactions a user is allowed to submit, what data they can see, and what they can do with that data.

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About NextLabs, Inc.

NextLabs, Inc. is multi-national software company that provides Dynamic Authorization Management platform and Active Policy Management to help federal agencies and large enterprises in financial services, aerospace and defense, and manufacturing industries mitigate information risk. The purpose of information risk management is to provide safer global collaboration and information sharing and prevent wrongful disclosure of sensitive and non-public information. NextLabs provides policy-driven information risk management software that automates security controls and compliance procedures across enterprise business processes.