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Nold Technologies Kft.

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Nold Cloud

Nold Cloud lets you build an easy to use, web-based access control system. You can replace or extend your current access control solution with keyless entry, using your smartphone. You can share access with unlimited number of guests, limit the access using date and time restrictions, check who and when opened your doors and more. This universal solution can be used for business purposes, like offices & co-working spaces, Airbnb apartments, gated communities and more.

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Active as of: May 22, 2018
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About Nold Technologies Kft.

Nold was established in 2016 as a European software and hardware developing company. We are currently working on smartphone based access control system for both personal and business use. Using your phone as a key, you can open garage doors, entry gates, office doors and more. The system can manage all guests and keys remotely in the cloud.