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About Outreach

Outreach provides a Software as a Service (SaaS) sales acceleration platform. Outreach was founded in 2012 to provide sales automation and communication services to both inside and outside sales teams across a wide range of industries. Outreach’s core application is a single-tenant, SaaS application that accelerates the sales cycle by enabling users to create communication sequences that allow for A-B testing and the definition of exit criteria before moving on to the next step in a Sequence. It also makes use of templates for automated email creation as a component of the sales communication cycle. Sales activities are tracked through the sales communication cycle, from initial contact with a prospect through deal close. Sales teams who use Outreach can track information on their sales process including information about emails sent and their reception status, sequences in use, and which mail templates are most effective. System-generated reports provide metrics to help sales teams determine the most successful sales activities by user, organization or sequence. Outreach requires integration with at least one email account to enable the activities described above. Outreach can also integrate with a customer’s Salesforce instance to bi-directionally share information with user entities via an encrypted channel.