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Palo Alto Networks Italy Srl

Cloud Services by Palo Alto Networks Italy Srl

Cloud Services by Palo Alto Networks

The Palo Alto Networks Cloud Services are focused on Security services and allows you to implement solutions such as Next Generation Firewall (VM) and related subscriptions (such as Wildfire, DNS Security, IoT Security, URL Filtering), VPN and Firewall as a Service (Prisma Access), Compliance Monitoring for heterogenous environments, including Containers and Serverless environments (Prisma Cloud), CASB and DLP Monitoring for Sanctioned SaaS applications (Prisma SaaS), Detection and Response (Cortex XDR), Security Orchiestration and Automation (Cortex XSOAR), Threat Intelligence (Autofocus and Minemeld), SD-WAN services (Cloud Genix) and Endpoint Protection (Traps).

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About Palo Alto Networks Italy Srl

As the global cybersecurity leader, we are committed to maintaining trust in our digital age. We do this by safely enabling all applications and preventing successful cyber breaches for organizations worldwide. Our deep cybersecurity expertise, commitment to innovation, and game-changing security platform are helping bring an end to the era of breaches by delivering highly automated, preventive measures against cyberthreats at all stages in the attack lifecycle and ensuring protection that is superior to legacy security technologies. With our unique platform, organizations can confidently pursue a digital-first strategy and embark on technology initiatives, like cloud and mobility, that help grow their business and empower their employees while maintaining complete visibility and the control needed to protect their most valued data and critical control systems. Today’s Cybersecurity Challenges Cyber criminals are better resourced today because the cost of computing power continues to decrease. As a result, organizations are now getting pummeled by sophisticated new attacks that blend malicious techniques and tactics to compromise an organization’s computing environment. Further complicating this issue is the adoption of modern IT initiatives, like cloud computing/SaaS, BYOD/mobility, and SDN that can expand an organization’s computing environment and exposure. The combination of these factors makes cybersecurity a real challenge for many organizations today.