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Cloud Services by Rocket.Chat

Rocket.Chat Cloud

Rocket.Chat Cloud is a highly available and secure service offering by Rocket.Chat.
Rocket.Chat Cloud is the easiest way to install, set up and manage Rocket.Chat. It requires no technical knowledge and one can start a trial in a couple of minutes.
Built on Docker and Kubernetes, it gives the benefits of an open source communication platform without having to manage and scale one´s own infrastructure and support team. Every cloud instance runs in its own secure isolated environment which we monitor 24/7. Data is backed up daily, twice daily or hourly to give peace of mind in case of an emergency.

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About Rocket.Chat

Rocket.Chat is an enterprise and team collaboration social networking platform.
Control your communication, manage your data and have your OWN collaboration tool to improve digital work stream: Self hosted, Federated, Audited, White-label, Unlimited Integrations on Marketplace and High scalability cluster.

There are 350k+ servers installed and more than 12m users worldwide.
Rocket.Chat’s long-term vision is to replace email with a real-time federated communications platform and to establish a marketplace that will nurture app-building and offer services to enable businesses to be built using Rocket.Chat.
The Open Source platform improves internal and external communication within a controlled and secure environment. Users can run Rocket.Chat on-premises or in the cloud with a range of features are at their disposal: individual and group communication, video conferencing, file uploading, screen sharing, LiveChat and integration with a variety of different communications platform. It also allows users to communicate in real-time on web, desktop or mobile and to customize their interface with a range of plugins, themes and Integrations with other key software.
Users also benefit from guest access, screen and file sharing, OmniChannel/LiveChat, LDAP/AD Group Sync, two-factor authentication (2FA), E2E encryption, SSO, dozens of OAuth providers and unlimited users, channels, messages, threads, discussions, searches and