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Rogers Data Centres

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Rogers Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Virtual Private Cloud offers you a dedicated pool of computing resources within our public cloud infrastructure. With Virtual Private Cloud, you get the control and security of a private cloud with the flexibility to scale up and down on demand the way you would with a public cloud. If your workload demands are difficult to predict, but you need to ensure a certain level of cost control, Virtual Private Cloud could be for you—especially since you’re billed for the reservation of your computing resources rather than usage.

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About Rogers Data Centres

Rogers Communications provides a wide range of data services including co-location, network, managed and cloud services. Rogers Virtual Private Cloud provides a customer with an on-demand configurable pool of shared computing resources allocated within a public cloud environment.

The seven “essential characteristics” of Rogers Virtual Private Cloud are: virtual isolation, cost predictability, full service and self service, deterministic data location, broad interconnection capabilities, geo-redundancy and integration to Rogers Value Add Services.

Customers benefit from a fully managed IAAS (infrastructure as a Service) with Rogers managed physical storage, switches, servers, VMware hypervisor, WAN/LAN connectivity, and power/space. Rogers also provides all the multi-tenant management portals, account management, and buy-more features. Rogers Platform teams will perform the day to day operations including monitoring, alerting, and critical security patching, and basic configuration management. All Rogers Cloud Services include a comprehensive SLA encompassing availability, customer notification and as required other service specific metrics.