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Registered since: April 26, 2018

TouchCast LLC

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TouchCast provides a SaaS offering for authentication, distribution, and streaming of engaging, interactive video content as well as providing an interface for managing and securing that content within your organization or externally to your viewers.

On top of this we also provide a video collaboration platform for interactive collaboration experiences unlike any other video conferencing platform.

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Active as of: April 23, 2019
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About TouchCast LLC

Video is the most important medium ever invented. There’s nothing like it for communicating information, building trust and bringing people closer together.

We’re a diverse team of creative technologists, designers, storytellers and educators who have come together to develop the world's most powerful platform for video production, presentation and collaboration.

TouchCast lets anyone create a visual experience that packs all the important information they need to deliver into one medium that’s engaging to watch and impossible to forget. Our clients include many of the world’s biggest brands, who have joined us on a mission to improve people’s lives through the power of video.