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Cloud Services by, Inc. Stroke Platform is an applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) healthcare company that works alongside physicians to improve acute medical care. When the brain is injured, every minute matters. Doctors use advanced imaging to diagnose the patient and refer to the right specialist. The faster they can make the diagnosis and transfer that patient the better the patient outcome. At, we are working on deep learning algorithms, and AI aided triage to get the right patient to the right doctor at the right time.'s landmark products are the LVO and CTP platforms. Both are FDA cleared and commercially available in the United States. LVO uses artificial intelligence to automatically detect Large Vessel Occlusion (LVO) strokes and triage patients directly to a stroke specialist. CTP uses advanced processing technology to automatically analyze CT perfusion images and generate parametric perfusion color maps. In addition, ICH, which is 510k pending, identifies and triages hemorrhagic strokes to the neurosurgeon, facilitating faster management, and, Recruit, an AI powered clinical recruitment software, facilitates clinical trials, leverages real world evidence for indication expansion and increases clinical trial enrollment.

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Founded and launched as an independent Startup in June 2016,, Inc. is an applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) healthcare company that works alongside physicians to synchronize acute medical care. The LVO Stroke Platform leverages advanced deep learning to communicate time-sensitive information about patients straight to a specialist who can intervene and treat.

The Company's mission is:
(I) to improve lives by increasing access to life saving treatment,
(II) to ensure patients worldwide are cared for by the right doctor at the right time by providing the right infrastructure through which time sensitive, life threatening diseases are diagnosed, and managed, and new therapies discovered.