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Cloud Services by Zscaler


Zscaler enables the world’s leading organizations to securely transform their networks and applications for a mobile and cloud-first world. With applications in the cloud and users connecting to their workloads everywhere, security designed to protect the network is no longer effective. Zscaler is redefining security by moving it out of the data center and into the cloud.

Zscaler provides the entire gateway security stack as a service, continuously applying policies and threat intelligence to protect organizations from malware and other advanced threats. By delivering security and access controls from a globally distributed cloud, Zscaler provides consistent protection to users no matter where they connect and scales easily to support changes in traffic flow as organizations move to increasingly cloud-centric infrastructures. Zscaler can also inspect SSL traffic at scale to protect against the increasing number of threats hiding in encrypted traffic.

Zscaler services are built on a multi-tenant, distributed security architecture, protecting thousands of customers globally and enabling them to embrace the agility, speed, and cost containment of the cloud—securely.

Type: Certification
Active as of: June 19, 2019
STAR Certification v1

About Zscaler

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Zscaler was founded in 2008 on a simple but powerful concept: as applications move to the cloud, security needs to move there as well. Today, we are helping thousands of global organizations transform into cloud-enabled operations.

Zscaler provides 100 percent cloud-delivered services built on a global, multi-tenant cloud architecture. Rather than delivering services through a public cloud, Zscaler built its own cloud, with more than 100 data centers and peering in all major internet exchanges with leading service providers and applications, such as Microsoft Office 365. This way, Zscaler can control the location of its data centers and the performance of its services, providing 99.999% uptime and performance and security SLAs.

Because it’s delivered as a service, Zscaler eliminates costly, complex security appliances and the need to backhaul traffic from branch offices for security scanning—all of which creates latency. Instead, Zscaler provides fast, secure, direct-to-cloud connections and a great user experience. It also provides consistent security no matter where users connect, with policies that follow users and a centralized console that provides visibility into all user and app traffic across the organization, whether users are in the headquarters office, a branch, a remote site, or on the road.

Zscaler’s vision is a world in which information can be securely accessed, no matter where it lives.