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The Cloud Key Management Working Group aims to facilitate the standards for seamless integration between CSPs and Key Broker services. Standardization will take place across key management lifecycle operations and a common set of APIs, enabling consistent implementation of enterprise key policies Customer-centric in principle, our goal will be that for data stored or traversing the cloud and requiring encryption the corresponding encryption keys will be protected and their lifecycle managed by the customer.

The purpose of the Cloud Key Management Working Group is:

  • To create a consortium whose purpose is to align cloud key management interoperability standards across cloud service providers, SaaS vendors, and security service/product vendors
  • To maintain API and key interoperability specifications and consider developing enhancements
  • To develop business model templates and/or specifications that advise/consider appropriate license-based models for standardized key interoperability
  • To promote the adoption of key management standards for vendors, cloud service, and SaaS providers
  • To promote independent Key Brokering implementation interoperability among vendors, cloud services, and SaaS providers per acceptable IP guidelines
  • To provide well documented guidelines and a standard approach to vendors to ensure seamless interoperability and compliance to those guidelines/standards

Cloud Key Management Working Group Leadership

Cloud Key Management Working Group Initiatives

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