Health Information Management Working Group

Introduction to the Health Information Management Working Group

The Health Information Management Working Group (HIWG) within the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) has been designated to provide direct influence on how health information service providers deliver secure cloud solutions (services, transport, applications and storage) to their clients, and foster cloud awareness within all aspects of healthcare and related industries.

The efforts are jointly executed by CSA Global, health information cloud communities (i.e. focus groups, associations, vendors, providers, research institutes, forums, and academia), Solution Providers and relevant working group responsible for authoring CSA’s Guidance V.3.

The Health Information Management Working Group has been formed to coordinate research and the execution of this work.

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Health Information Management Working Group Leadership

Health Information Management Co-chairs

Chris Ledoux

athenahealth, Inc.

Vincent Campitelli

Vincent Campitelli

At McKesson Corporation, the leading distributor of healthcare supplies in the US, Vince is charged with designing and implementing the key programs designed to identify, manage and report on all aspects of technology risk that impact the Pharmaceutical businesses. This business consists of ensuring that over $90 billion of vital medications and supplies are efficiently moved through the nations supply chain. The vast majority of the supply chain is reliant upon and managed by the deployment of information technology solutions and networks.

Prior to joining McKesson, Vince held various leadership roles with major financial service firms within their Internal Audit, Risk or Controls organizations. Vince also spent over 12 years as a partner at PriceWaterHouseCoopers serving their audit and risk advisory clients.

Vince is a graduate of Penn State University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and the University of Maryland with an MBA in Operations Research.

Jim Angle

Jim Angle

Dr. Angle has over 20 years of experience in multiple areas of IT culminating as the Deputy CIO for an army hospital. He has over 18 years of information security experience in both government service and the private sector. He is currently an Information Security Architect for Trinity Health.

  1. Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC)
  2. Medical device security
  3. Cloud computing in healthcare
Nathan McBride

Nathan McBride

Starting his career as a Director of Technology for a prestigious boarding school in Western Massachusetts, Nathan went on to lead an IT Team at Transkaryotic Therapies, start a Research and Development division of IT at Cubist Pharmaceuticals, lead a highly innovative Cloud Architects team as the CIO of AMAG Pharmaceuticals, Inc and is currently building out a global IT strategy for Orchard Therapeutics. Having supported multiple commercial drug launches, several transformative acquisitions and with expertise ranging across a wide spectrum of technology and business areas, Nathan has developed multiple successful innovative processes to drive business strategy for both the short and long term.

Health Information Management Working Group Initiatives

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