The following courseware is available for download:

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Intro to Cloud Computing | By Chris Brenton
A thirteen minute video on the basics of cloud computing. This presentation covers cloud definitions and deployment models. Also discussed is the impact of cloud on network architecture and resource deployment.
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Cloud Versus Virtualization | By Chris Brenton
This eight minute video defines virtualization and cloud computing. It discusses how the two technologies differ, as well as how they can be combined together to form a flexible architecture.
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Virtualization Security | By Chris Brenton
This nineteen minute video takes a high level view at securing virtualized deployments. Architecture concerns are addressed. Also discussed is when virtualization may be more or less secure than a stand alone deployment model.
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IaaS Security – Part 1 | By Chris Brenton
This 11.5 minute video talks about tenant and provider responsibilities when securing virtual machines, as well as a 30,000 ft view of what security options are available.
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IaaS Security – Part 2 | By Chris Brenton
This 14 minute video focuses on overall IaaS security architecture as well as firewall deployment options.
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Simplified IaaS Security via Group Management | By Chris Brenton
An 11.5 minute video that focuses on simplifying security by managing virtual machines as a single collective, rather than many one off servers.
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IaaS Provider Auditing | By Chris Brenton
This 11 minutes video discusses what options are available to you when assessing the security posture of an IaaS provider.
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