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Rediff Enterprise Services

The second line of business is Enterprise Services. Rediff offers services to enterprises, on their technology platforms, in a subscription model. These include:
• Rediffmail PRO - aimed at the small and medium-sized enterprise (“SME”) segment in India.
• Rediffmail EPRO - designed for use by large enterprises.
• RCloud – cloud-based drive & document repository. It helps in creating, managing & collaborating on documents with seamless integration with the email product.
• Rediff BOL is a messaging platform that allows users within the Enterprise access to messaging individually and in groups, and conferencing.

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About India Ltd. (Nasdaq: REDF) is an India-based internet company that delivers digital content and e-commerce marketplace services. provides free email services, paid Enterprise Email Services, and delivers News and Information. These services are delivered on PCs, tablets, and on a wide range of mobile phone platforms. It started operations in 1995. Enterprise Services started in 2001. Its current Enterprise customer base is around 29000. Headquartered in Mumbai, it caters to Enterprise customers across India.