What is a CSA Chapter?

Our chapters are made up of local security professionals who volunteer to increase cloud security awareness in their local community and provide outreach for CSA research, education and training resources. They work to solve cloud vulnerabilities and challenges, by collaborating with other experts in the field to establish cloud security best practices. Chapters offer participants an opportunity for leadership in regional communities, and the chance to establish thought leadership in their field.

Vision for Chapters

I envision CSA Chapters helping to create a more secure cyber world by engaging IT professionals in their communities using CSA’s cloud security best practices, education and training, participating in CSA research, and through thought leadership.

An exciting part of my job is helping chapter leaders strategize effective ways of engaging with members and their local InfoSec communities.

Todd Edison
Chapter Relations Manager
Cloud Security Alliance
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Benefits of Chapter Membership

There are many rewarding benefits both professional and personal that members receive through CSA Chapter membership. Benefits include membership in a global professional network community, privileged offerings, and exclusive programs:

Personal and Professional Development

  • Local and global events with professional networking, education,, and certifications
  • CSA Circle global professional online community for networking,, discussion, and industry insights, including 30+working groups, education & training, and volunteer
  • Job board, including tools and resources for job seekers andsearching for qualified candidates
  • 100+ CSA Chapters globally offering events and training
  • Opportunity for leadership as a Chapter board member or speaking at industry events
  • Writing articles for publication

Education, Knowledge, and Training

  • Contribute to 30+ research working groups
  • Participation in research initiatives helping to establish industry best practices
  • Discussion forums with thought-leaders, subject matter experts, and industry professionals
  • Industry survey participation and results
  • Webinar library with over 250+ offerings
  • Earn CPE credits by participating in professional activities
  • Free industry-leading research whitepaper downloads
  • Access to CSA Certification resources and tools
  • Access to the CSA GDPR Center of Excellence
  • Early access to CSA research

Discounts, Tools & Resources

  • Member discounts on conferences and events
  • Member discounts on education, training, and certifications
  • Free audit and compliance tools and programs
  • STAR auditing standards and compliance guidelines and procedures
  • Consensus Assessment Initiative Questionnaire (CAIQ) auditing tool
  • STAR Registry posting

Chapter Success Stories

Community Outreach

West Michigan Chapter

The West Michigan Chapter raised over $50,000 for charity during the COVID crisis (which has been donated to local charities and COVID frontline workers) and their meetings and events are the standard for tech events in West Michigan (and beyond). This chapter also spearheaded a Women and Minorities in Tech Initiative, the purpose being to promote the hiring and education of women and minorities in the tech/security job market.


Los Angeles / Southern California Chapter

The LA/SoCal Chapter put together a Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) study group, which met once a week for 6 weeks, covering the 6 domains of the CCSK online training course. There were 42 participants who registered for this weekly study group, and they made recordings and slides of each meeting available on the CSA LA/SoCal Chapter YouTube channel.

In addition, 30 complimentary CCSK self-paced training course licenses were provided to individuals who lost employment due to COVID-19. Earning the CCSK certificate has helped members gain a thorough understanding of cloud security best practices and given them the ability to answer specific cloud security questions during job interviews.

CSA Greater China Region

CSA Greater China Region (GCR) translated CCSK training courses into Chinese and established a CCSK Chinese test system in China, providing Chinese cybersecurity practitioners with greater opportunities to learn about cloud security and obtain the CCSK certification. Furthermore, CSA GCR developed a Certified Zero Trust Professional (CZTP) training course in 2020, which aims to help learners master ZT knowledge, cultivate ZT security thinking, and spread awareness of the ZT concept.


Israel Chapter

The Israel Chapter helped create an European Cloud Adoption Survey. This initiative brought together leading research infrastructure players and industry experts to define future efforts and set the pace of global public cloud adoption, usage and best practices across diverse geographies, organizations and industries. The data for this survey was collected on a regional scale and will be used to analyze public cloud usage in different jurisdictions, the different ways it is being used, the reasons for migrating to public cloud services and the challenges organizations face.

Washington D.C. Chapter

The Washington D.C. Chapter published a research whitepaper, Earning Trust in the 21st Century. This research document addresses the technical, social, policy, and regulatory issues associated with creating trust frameworks in a Zero Trust world. This is particularly relevant as the industry and government are called to solve issues in ways that continue to protect the right to a users’ privacy.

Japan Chapter

The CSA Japan Chapter enjoys a chapter membership of over 200 individuals. They have translated several documents into Japanese, such as:

These translations make CSA research artifacts widely available to Japanese speakers, improving cloud security awareness in Japan. Currently, the CSA Japan Chapter is working on mapping/reverse-mapping between the Japanese government’s Information System Security Management and Assessment Program (ISMAP) and the CCM.

In addition, the chapter has been successfully organizing a summit and congress event every year since its inception. Such events average around 500 participants.

CSA Greater China Region

The CSA Greater China Region (GCR) established several research working groups in China. These groups cover the security of blockchain, Identity and Access Management (IAM), Internet of Things (IoT), and more. Through their research, they have published  a number of whitepapers for industry learning,such as the Smart Contract Security Guide. In order to better propagate CSA research results in China, CSA GCR also organized experts to translate more than 20 CSA research whitepapers from English to Chinese.