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Open Peer Reviews

CCMv4.0 Auditing Guidelines

Open Until: 07/27/2021

Purpose and Scope of AGsThe document contains a set of auditing guidelines that are tailored to the control...

Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) Specification v2.0

Open Until: 08/02/2021

This document updates the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) Specification. Version 1.0 was written ...

CSA Medical Device Incident Response Playbook

Open Until: 08/11/2021

This document presents a best-practices medical device incident response playbook that incorporates clinical aspects of medical ...

Practical Preparations for the Post-Quantum World

Open Until: 08/16/2021

This document discusses the cybersecurity challenges and recommended steps to reduce likely new risks due to quantum information...


Measuring Risk and Risk Governance

CSA is assessing the maturity of public cloud and risk management within the enterprise. The goal is to understand the challenges and effectiveness of current risk management practices towards the public cloud. The end result will help enterprises identify better practices to reduce risk, address risk tolerance, and understand the impact of effective risk management practices in the cloud.

Survey Length: 15 minutes, 36 questions

Deadline to participate: August 9th