Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK)

The standard of expertise for cloud security.

Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge

As organizations migrate to the cloud, they need information security professionals who are cloud savvy. The CCSK certificate is widely recognized as the standard of expertise for cloud security, and gives you a cohesive and vendor-neutral understanding of how to secure data in the cloud. The CCSK credential is the foundation to prepare you to earn additional cloud credentials.

Learn CSA’s Security Guidance V.4 along with...

  • An in-depth understanding of the full capabilities of cloud computing.
  • The knowledge to effectively develop a holistic cloud security program relative to globally accepted standards.
  • Best practices for IAM, cloud incident response, application security, data encryption, SecaaS, securing emerging technologies and more.
  • How to assess the security of cloud providers and your own organization using the cloud-specific governance & compliance tool: Cloud Controls Matrix.
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What are the benefits of earning your CCSK?

If you are looking to earn the Certificate of Cloud Auditing Knowledge (CCAK), we recommend earning your CCSK first.

  • Prove your competency in key cloud security issues through an organization that specializes in cloud research.
  • Increase employment opportunities by filling the skills-gap for cloud-certified professionals.
  • Demonstrate your technical knowledge, skills, and abilities to effectively use controls tailored to the cloud.
  • Learn to establish a baseline of security best practices when dealing with a broad array of responsibilities, from cloud governance to configuring technical security controls.
  • Complement other credentials such as the CCAK, CISA, CISSP and CCSP.

Who should earn their CCSK?

How to Prepare for the CCSK Exam

The CCSK is an open-book, online exam, completed in 90 minutes with 60 multiple-choice questions selected randomly from the CCSK question pool. Purchasing the exam costs $395 and provides you with two test attempts, which you will have 2 years to use. The minimum passing score is 80%. There are several ways you can prepare for the exam.
Option 1

Study on Your Own

You can also study for the exam yourself using our free prep-kit. The kit includes sample questions, an outline of the domains and topics covered in the exam, as well as all of the documents you will be tested on.

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Option 2

Enroll in Training

There are two types of training for the CCSK, the regular class is lectures-only, but there is a lectures + labs version as well. Download the class outlines to see the differences between both courses and determine which is a better fit for you.

Class Formats:

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Instructor-Led Training

Receive a superior cloud security education, by enrolling in an instructor-led course. Having direct access to a cloud security expert, lets you ask questions and gain additional context around topics and challenges that are relevant to your particular organization.

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Study Materials

CSA is proud to collaborate with McGraw-Hill and announce the release of the “CCSK Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge All-in-One Exam Guide,” written by CSA-authorized trainer Graham Thompson. This book offers exam-focused coverage of the latest cloud technologies, including virtualization, governance and security. Readers will receive real-world examples and best practices, online content that includes access to 120 additional practice questions, and a 10% discount code for the CCSK exam. You can buy the book here

The Security Guidance v.4 outlines specific uses and applications of the cloud and addresses regulatory issues and inherent risks in using cloud computing on various technologies including: IoT, blockchain and DevSecOps.


CSA Security Guidance v.4

An in-depth and independent analysis outlining the information security benefits and key security risks of cloud computing with practical advice on how to protect your organization.


ENISA Recommendations

The Cloud Controls Matrix provides fundamental security principles that guide cloud service vendors toward the most secure practices. For prospective cloud customers it helps in assessing the overall security posture of cloud providers.


CSA Cloud Controls Matrix

Domains Covered

CSA CCSK Domain 01 Icon


Cloud Computing Concepts and Architecture
CSA CCSK Domain 02 Icon


Governance and Enterprise Risk Management
CSA CCSK Domain 03 Icon


Legal Issues, Contracts, and Electronic Discovery
CSA CCSK Domain 04 Icon


Compliance and Audit Management
CSA CCSK Domain 05 Icon


Information Governance
CSA CCSK Domain 06 Icon


Management Plane and Business Continuity
CSA CCSK Domain 07 Icon


Infrastructure Security
CSA CCSK Domain 08 Icon


Virtualization and Containers
CSA CCSK Domain 09 Icon


Incident Response
CSA CCSK Domain 10 Icon


Application Security
CSA CCSK Domain 11 Icon


Data Security and Encryption
CSA CCSK Domain 12 Icon


Identity, Entitlement and Access Management
CSA CCSK Domain 13 Icon


Security as a Service
CSA CCSK Domain 14 Icon


Related Technologies


Cloud Controls Matrix


ENISA Recommendations