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The cloud market is huge and growing daily. You know that your company has a lot to offer, not only in providing services but also in guiding the direction of the industry. Educate potential users and other stakeholders about your company, showcase your own expertise and good practices to a global marketplace.

Zhexuan Song, VP Strategy and Business Development, IT Product Line, Huawei

Zhexuan Song on CSA Corporate Membership
"We are honored to become an executive corporate member of CSA. Huawei is an active member of more than 150 standard organizations and joining CSA is part of our commitment to developing an open, collaborative and secure ecosystem. Huawei join CSA in 2012. In the past five years, Huawei contributed to several working groups." Read the full transcript

"We are the main contributor of a white paper called “Mitigating Risks in a Virtualized System”. We helped to develop an ISO/IECJTC1 virtualization security standard on behalf of CSA. We worked with other members to advance innovation efforts in cloud component specification working group and cloud security service management working group to ensure that cloud users have confidence of the safety of their data in cloud. Huawei has a team of over 10,000 technical experts in IT R&D facilities around the world.

Through collaborating with leading universities, technology institutes and other industry players, Huawei is able to provide reliable IT products and solutions that help costumers enhance competitiveness and achieve business success in the cloud age. Huawei supports several public cloud instances such as the Open Telekom Cloud in Germany, CTC public cloud in China and Telefónica public cloud in Latin America. The top concern of our customers is about security. We will apply CSA standards and innovative new approaches in those public clouds to better protect our users. Huawei is looking forward to sharing our experience with other members and working with them to build a more secure cloud in the future. Thank you very much."

  • On the CSA Website
  • Membership in CSA's International Standardization Council
  • Exclusive opportunities to sponsor and present at CSA's events & webinars worldwide
  • 2 complimentary seats
  • Access to corporate membership councils
  • Free STARWatch license, CSA's SaaS app, to help organizations manage compliance with STAR requirements
  • Security, Trust & Assurance Registry (STAR) preferred listing and discounts
  • Collaboration opportunities with CSA experts

Benefits of Corporate Membership for Solution Providers

Free STARWatch License

STARWatch is SaaS application to help organizations manage compliance with CSA STAR (Security, Trust and Assurance Registry) requirements. STARWatch delivers the content of the Cloud Controls Matric (CCM) and Consensus Assessments Initiative Questionnaire (CAIQ) in a database format, enabling users to manage compliance of cloud services with CSA best practices.

Certification & Training

2 free test tokens for CSA's Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK); optional training available for CCSK and Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM)

Having employees on your staff with expertise in cloud security helps ensure your enterprise is reaping the maximum benefit from the cloud while protecting one of your most valuable assets - your data.

Corporate Membership Councils

Solution Provider Council (SP), which is focused on marketing and educational events, and the SME Council, in which your company’s subject matter experts are invited to advise CSA on its research direction by suggesting pertinent topics and participating actively to research.

International Standardization Council - Your company may provide an expert to sit on CSA’s council focused on managing relationships with standards bodies, thereby greatly influencing future roadmaps for cloud technology and assurance.

CSA Corporate Member Logo

Use of the CSA Corporate Member logo in your collateral material and on your website, to further make your company known as a thought leader that is shaping the cloud industry.

Cloud CISC

CloudCISC (Cyber Incident Sharing Center) is an operational threat intelligence exchange, powered by CSA partner TruSTAR. CloudCISC allows anonymized sharing of security incidents and private collaboration between the exchange members. CloudCISC provides a rich source of security incident information which can complement your security solutions and enhance your security incident response functions. Corporate Members receive two free licenses to the CloudCISC platform.

Corporate Listing on the CSA Website

Showcase your logo and corporate profile on one of the industry's most highly trafficked sites dedicated to the cloud computing issues.

STAR Preferred Listing and Discounts

Enterprise users widely consult STAR for discovering information about the security practices of cloud providers they wish to use. STAR includes both a free Level One self-assessment and level Two - third-party asessment options. All corporate members receive a 20% discount on the listing fee for the Level Two Certification and Attestation. Use STAR and corporate membership to aximize public notice of your company's good cloud security practices.

Webinars and Events

Receive exclusive and unique sponsorship opportunities for CSA conferences, which draw a diverse array of cloud stakeholders and media. Past luminaries at CSA events have included CEOs with major cloud providers, information security leaders, Global 2000 CISOs and even the White House.

As a thought leading organization in a highly sought-after feild, CSA is frequeently asked to provide speakers to industry conferences. CSA often recommends its corporate members for such opportunities - a further opportunity to raise your company's profile. Through CSA's webcast channel, CloudBytes, you can showcase your SMEs and introduce your company to a large, diverse audience. In addition, your SMEs may be asked to respond to the many requests CSA receives from media representatives for quotes, statics and opinions on cloud issues.

Free Access to CSA Experts

If your company is sponsoring a webcast, CSA can provide noted industry experts to be part of your speaker roster and will also help you promote the event. If you are hosting a local marketing or educational event you may wish to consider making CSA part of the theme: we can help promote the event, provide slide decks and recommend regional speakers. CSA can also provide assistance for your news releases and white papers. As a solution provider, you can request quotes from CSA experts and cite CSA research (with attribution).

Participation in CSA's Social Media Activities

CSA's blog features cloud industry leaders and syndicated select entries from other information security sites. Become a part of this valuable thought exchange by submitting your own entries or cross-posting from your own corporate blogs. When you couple that with an announcement of your posting to the CSA LinkedIn group, you double your company's exposure. You can also request to tweet relevant news, blog postings, and more by sending a request to the Twitter account @cloudsa - another opportunity to reach global audience.