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CSA Research is created by the industry for the industry and is both vendor-neutral and consensus driven. Our research is created by subject matter experts who volunteer for our working groups. Each working group focuses on a unique topic or aspect of cloud security, from IoT, DevSecOps, Serverless and more, we have working groups for over 20 areas of cloud computing. You can view a list of all active research working groups. To find out more about how our research is created and the process we follow you can view the CSA Research Lifecycle.

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Latest Research

Cloud Threat Modeling

Cloud Threat Modeling

Release Date: 07/23/2021

The purpose of this document is to enable, encourage cloud and security practitioners to apply threat modeling for cloud applications, services, and security decisions. To that end, this resource provides crucial guidance to help identify threat modeling security objectives, set the scope of assessments, decompose systems/applications, identify & rate threats, identify vulnerabilities in the system design, design and prioritize mitigations & controls, communicate/report and call-to-action. 

Cloud Key Management Working Group Charter

Cloud Key Management Working Group Charter

Release Date: 07/20/2021

Cloud services are becoming ubiquitous in all sizes, and customers encounter many obligations and opportunities for using key management systems with those cloud services. However, as an area of emergent technical focus, there is little independent analysis and guidance in the public domain for addressing the intersection of key management and cloud services.This charter lays out the scope, responsibilities, and roadmap for the Cloud Key Management working group. This working group will educate and guide the use of traditional and cloud key management systems ...

The Use of Blockchain in Healthcare

The Use of Blockchain in Healthcare

Release Date: 07/15/2021

Healthcare is a large and heavily regulated industry. US and EU privacy and security laws require healthcare organizations to protect personal information and can levy fines for data breaches. The value of healthcare data, paired with these regulations and other international laws that govern the storage of data in the cloud, has motivated healthcare organizations to look at using blockchain in order to secure data. By using blockchain, organizations may be able to efficiently share healthcare data while ensuring patient privacy and data security at the same time.This re...