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FinCloud Security

Improving the security of global cloud adoption for the financial services industry.

Financial Services Initiative

The Financial Services Industry (FSI) adoption of cloud computing services has grown extensively in recent years. This trend is expected to continue with the migration of business applications to the cloud, driven both by increasing maturity, sophistication and resilience of cloud-native services and the declining availability of COTS software for on premises use. This includes both traditional and new and innovative technology for banking, commerce, financial transactions, and the exchange of financial and economic data.

CSA's FinCloud Security engages current industry leaders and includes a Leadership Committee to help identify the topics of most interest to the industry. CSA will develop, assemble and share valuable resources such as use cases, research materials, webinars, education, analyst briefings, assurance frameworks, and extensions of the CCM or STAR program. CSA will also organize and host virtual and in person events with significant financial sector content. If you're interested in learning more, you can email us at [email protected].

Identifying Gaps

How Knowledgable are organizations regarding:

Opportunities in Financial Services

Zero Trust safeguards financial clouds, preserving data integrity.

IoT and edge computing amplifies the complexity of security and privacy.

Blockchain protects sensitive data, transactions, and meets compliance.

Artificial Intelligence requires data care, transparency, ethical considerations.

Quantum computing adds urgency to prepare for future threats.

FinCloud Security Initiatives

Learn from the Experts

FinCloud Fridays

A monthly webinar series about the financial industry's unique challenges in cloud.

Upcoming and past webinars
Financial Service Industry Briefings

A monthly webinar series about the financial industry's unique challenges in cloud.

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Explore FinCloud Resources

HSM as a Service

An upcoming white paper describing the Hardware Security Module as a Service cloud delivery model for key management and cryptographic operations.

View the Key Management Working Group
Mapping to PCI DSS v4

An upcoming document mapping a requirements comparison between CCM v4 and PCI DSS c4.

View the CCM Working Group
Financial Service Addendum to the CCM:

A framework for the financial sector toward a secure adoption of cloud services, and to limit the challenge of compliance fatigue for both CSPs and Financial Institutions.

View the CCM Working Group

Join the Conversation

Financial Services Industry Community on Circle

Circle is a platform space for you to connect, collaborate and share knowledge with like-minded professionals from around the world. You will have access to the latest industry trends, best practices, and emerging threats related to the Financial Services Industry.

On Circle, you can access exclusive resources, participate in events, and engage in discussion on the topic of financial services. Whether you are looking to expand your knowledge, build your professional network, or stay on top of the latest trends, this CSA community platform is an essential resource.

Leadership Committee

CSA looks to our Leadership Committee to contribute to and advise on the overall strategy and roadmap of FinCloud Security. This committee is made up of participants in security leadership roles within financial institutions, the payment ecosystem (including cryptocurrency), and other organizations that initiate or manage financial data and assets within cloud environments.

This committee is reserved for the participation of individuals who work for an organization that is recognized as a CSA corporate member. Learn more about corporate membership here.

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