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The Six Pillars of DevSecOps: Automation
The Six Pillars of DevSecOps: Automation

The Six Pillars of DevSecOps: Automation

Release Date: 07/06/2020

Working Group: DevSecOps

Automation is a critical component of DevSecOps because it enables process efficiency, allowing developers, infrastructure, and information security teams to focus on delivering value rather than repeating manual efforts and errors with complex deliverables. This paper focuses on a risk-based security automation approach that strings automated security actions throughout the continuous software development deployment cycle. This paper is part of a planned series on the six pillars of DevSecOps.

This publication is part of an entire series on the Six Pillars of DevSecOps. You can find all the papers in the series that have been released so far here.

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Sam Sehgal Headshot
Sam Sehgal

Sam Sehgal

Sam is the program leader and a distinguished engineer in the security organization at Dell. Sam has extensive experience with the modern secure DevOps practices needed to govern product and application security programs. He currently leverages his skills at Dell and leads the DevSecOps program. In this role, he focuses on DevSecOps security and architecture, as well as Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL) automation.

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