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STAR Submission Guide

The STAR submission guide provides step by step instructions on how to submit to the registry for each level of STAR. Please read before you begin the submission process.

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Cloud Service Providers

Submit to CSA’s Security, Trust, Assurance, and Risk (STAR) Registry to verify your level of privacy and security on the cloud.

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Submission materials:

Level 1: you will need to complete the CAIQ v3.1 . Please read our technical notice for information about the transition from CAIQ v3.0.1.

Level 2: you will need to complete the STAR Attestation Intake Form, or have your certification body submit the STAR Certification Intake Form.

Auditors & Certification Bodies

Certification Bodies, we can accept certification submissions directly from you, on behalf of your client.

Register my Client’s Certification

Submission materials:

STAR Certification Intake Form
STAR Cert Guidance Document: Auditing the CCM
Requirements for Bodies Providing Star Certification

STAR Attestation Firms, fill out the STAR Attestation Intake Form and provide it to your audited cloud service provider. Your client will need this form to register their CSA STAR Attestation.

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Requesting Registration

If you have completed your STAR Attestation engagement with your CPA firm, please contact [email protected] to request registration of your attestation report.

Attestation Pricing Information

  1. The STAR Attestation registration price is based on the ‘effective number of employees’ in the scope of registration. This maintains consistency with CSA STAR Certification.
  2. Registered companies receive a listing in the CSA STAR (Security, Trust and Assurance Registry).
  3. Registered companies are granted CSA STAR and CSA STAR Attestation logo usage rights for their own website and collatera.
  4. The certification and attestation fees are collected to fund the STAR Program.

Certificate Pricing

Effective EmployeesFee (Euro)
1 to 10600
11 to 251200
26 to 752100
76 to 2503600
251 to 7006000
701 to 15008400

Attestation Pricing

Effective EmployeesFee (USD)
1 to 10$650
11 to 25$1,300
26 to 75$2,300
76 to 250$4,050
251 to 700$6,650
701 to 1500$9,350
  1. CSA will apply price reduction based on the World Bank classification.
  2. CSA will apply a 20% price reduction for CSA Corporate Members.
  3. The World Bank scale and CSA Members discount cannot be cumulated.